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Our appraisers are certified by the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group.

We provide a comprehensive detailed report of assets including digital images and/or film recordings to determine in place fair market or distress value. We offer warehouse solutions, marketing, asset removal or setup to liquidate on or off site by auction, tender sale or direct to the public.

  • Financial Institutions; business loans, refinancing
  • Insurance companies/brokers; pre or post loss
  • Trustees; receivership, bankruptcy matters
  • Lawyers; bankruptcy, matrimonial/divorce, partnership dispute resolution matters
  • Accountants; business refinancing, valuations of business assets, donation valuations



We evaluate assets for pre-nuptial, separation or divorce agreements.


We evaluate assets on behalf of beneficiaries and estate representatives to ensure an accurate value is declared with the CRA. Liquidation of assets is available on or off site.


We evaluate assets for business and or residential for all claims matters.


We evaluate assets for business windup, transfer, sale, partner dissolution and closure.


We evaluate assets in a distress situation and prepare and liquidate on or off site, by auction or tender.


We evaluate personal assets for all matters: jewelry, vehicles, furniture, memorabilia, antiques, art, coins, stamps, equipment, machinery, tools and more.