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Landlords retain a Bailiff to assist in the recovery of unpaid rent or breaches of other lease covenants with commercial tenants. Under the Commercial Tenancies Act RSO 1990 Chapter L.7, Landlords have two options, the right of Distress or Termination of Lease.

Right of Distress:

In the event a commercial tenant is in arrears of rent. Our bailiffs will effect a distress upon the goods & chattels of the tenant. In the event a tenant will not or cannot pay the rent arrears, costs of distress and expenses incurred, goods & chattels will be appraised advertised and sold to satisfy the landlords claim.

Termination of Lease:

In the event a commercial tenant is in arrears of rent or in breach of lease terms our bailiff will serve a termination warrant, change the locks and post a notice. The tenant will then arrange the removal of their goods and chattels in a timely manner.